field hockey club for youth sports

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Beginner's Guide
Description and videos of the basic moves in field hockey.
ESPN College Game Replays
Select "Field Hockey" in the sports drop down and select the "Replays" button. You will need to sign in using credentials from your cable provider to watch some content.
Field Hockey Rules Overview
4min summary of the basic game rules of field hockey. These are international rules... so there are some small difference with our rule set, but 99% is applicable.
Free Hits Near the Circle
Video that describes the rules for Free Hits when they happen below the 23m line. Watch even if you have no idea what that means!
Great Field Hockey Skills!
Inspiring field hockey plays from the masters.
Rules: Body Obstruction
Short video that describes the body obstruction rule
Rules: Stick Obstruction
Short video that describes the stick obstruction rule
Stick Size Guide